Michael Jordan green-lit ‘The Last Dance' after LeBron James' 2016 NBA title


It was 1997 when a producer from NBA Entertainment, Andy Thompson, reached out to Adam Silver and executive Gregg Winik about making an all-access documentary following the 1997-98 Bulls. Silver was the head of NBA Entertainment at the time and thought, correctly, that it was an excellent idea. The footage would be filmed over the 1997-98 season, which concluded with Jordan and the Bulls beating the Utah Jazz to become six-time NBA champions.

That footage would be locked up in a special part of the NBA's library in Secaucus, New Jersey. There were no plans actually make the docuseries until June 2016.

The Cleveland Cavaliers had just knocked out the Golden State Warriors (one of the few dynasties that actually comes close to the '90s Bulls) in an NBA Finals that was so hard fought, LeBron James would go on to say, "That one right there made me the greatest player of all time."

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Of course, debates raged on in the never-ending Jordan vs. LeBron argument. But with James' legacy growing immensely over the last decade, that 2016 NBA title, along with the proclamation that he is the best player of all time, was enough to pique Jordan's curiosity and green light "The Last Dance".

Perhaps the biggest factor in getting MJ to agree to the documentary was a heartfelt letter from producer Michael Tollin, who wrote, "Dear Michael, every day, kids come into my office wearing your shoes who've never seen you play… it’s time."

"The Last Dance" is sure to be a great history lesson for younger generations who have never actually seen Jordan play. The documentary will also stand as, perhaps, the biggest (and best) piece of evidence to reference in the eternal Warriors vs. Bulls and Jordan vs. LeBron debates. 



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