Michael Jordan's ‘Bulls Traveling Cocaine Circus' story from ‘The Last Dance'


"The Last Dance" promised a behind the scenes look at the Chicago Bulls' final championship season in 1997-98, and while that footage hasn't come yet, we're already learning some new things.

For instance, Jordan joined a Bulls team known as a "Traveling Cocaine Circus," and, shockingly, it was the first time he heard the nickname.

"Look, guys were doing things that I didn’t see," Jordan said.

But even though Jordan was a rookie, he wasn't entirely shielded from the team's partying habits, and he told a crazy story about stumbling into his teammates' hotel room.

"I had one event, preseason, I think we were in Peoria. It was in the hotel, so I’m trying to find my teammates," Jordan recalls. "I started knocking on doors. I get to this one door, and I knock on the door and I can hear someone says, 'Shhhh... someone’s outside.' And then you hear this deep voice say, 'Who is it?' I say, 'MJ.' And then they all say, 'Aw f**k, he’s just a rookie, don’t worry about it.'

"They open up the door. I walk in and practically the whole team was in there. And it was, like, things I’ve never seen in my life as a young kid. You got your lines over here, your weed smokers over here, you’ve got your women over here.

"The first thing I said, 'Look, man, I’m out.' Cause all I can about think is, if they come and raid this place right about now, I am just as guilty as everyone else that’s in this room. And from that point on, I was more or less on my own."

Thankfully, Jordan was so dedicated to being the best basketball player of all time, he didn't succumb to the temptations he stumbled into.


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