NBA, NBPA reach new 7-year collective bargaining agreement


There will be labor peace in the league for years to come. 

The NBA and National Basketball Players Association came to an agreement early Saturday morning on a new seven-year collective bargaining agreement that promised labor peace through the rest of the decade.

The seven-year collective bargaining agreement is still pending ratification by the players and the league’s board of governors, which is no more than a formality as details will officially be revealed soon.

The deal includes the addition of an in-season tournament with monetary rewards, the removal of marijuana as a prohibited substance, a second luxury tax tier, a set minimum of games played to earn league-wide awards, and the alteration of trade and free agency rules, among much more of the deal described to ESPN.

Here's a closer look at some of the key elements of the new seven-year deal:

Age limit for entering NBA

While many fans assumed that the new CBA would end the “one and done” era, it's still here to say -- at least for the next seven years.

The NBA and NBPA were not able to agree on lowering the minimum age to enter the NBA draft. Talks of lowering the minimum age from 19 to 18, which would allow players to go to the NBA straight from high school, were put on hold.

Banned substances

NBA players will no longer be prohibited from marijuana under the new seven-year CBA according to sources. It has been removed from the anti-drug testing program, which is a process that began during the 2019-20 season.

Load management

Dealing with load management has been a major concern to fans and even players throughout the league. Under the new CBA, the league is requiring that players suit up for at least 65 games in order to be eligible for in-season awards such as All-NBA teams, league MVP and more. 

However, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski noted that the 65-game minimum requirement will come with a few conditions.

In-season tournament

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has had plans for an in-season tournament for quite some time, and now it's finally a reality with an in-season tournament that could begin as early as next season. 

Under the new CBA, the tournament will include “pool-play games baked into the regular-season schedule starting in November -- with eight teams advancing to a single-elimination tournament in December. The Final Four will be held at a neutral site, with Las Vegas prominent in the discussion,” sources said.

Spending limitations

The league is also finding ways to curb teams that look to continue their luxury tax spending while simultaneously adding talent to the roster.

Wojnarowski reported that the new CBA will include another luxury tax apron -- $17.5 million above the luxury tax line, per Wojnarowski -- and when a team breaches that threshold, they will lose the Taxpayer Mid-Level exception.

This new rule will prevent teams such as the Golden State Warriors, the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Clippers from making additions to their rosters with a lot of their salary being tied up in star players.

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