Patrick Beverley commends Chicago for having his back


Patrick Beverley is not in LA anymore. 

He's back home in Chicago. And he's feeling the love. 

"I'll play a bad game with Chicago (and) I ain't gotta look on Twitter and see, 'He's a bum. Get him out of here,'" Beverley said on his podcast. "Like I was hearing that s--t in LA. You know what I'm saying? I'm in Chicago. They got my back. 'He didn't score but he did this.' You know? They got my back, so it's appreciated."

Beverley is clearly well aware of the patented "Pat Bev effect" Bulls' Twitter advocates on a nightly basis based on his play. Bulls fans can appreciate the effort Beverley provides on the floor night in and night out. 

The Bulls signed Beverley after the Orlando Magic bought out his contract from a trade with the Los Angeles Lakers. While in LA, Beverley claims fans were unsatisfied with his performance and were not accepting of his play. 

Beverley isn't a scorer. He has his moments of dropping the ball in the bucket. Energy and relentless defense are his calling cards. Beverley plays with high intensity and loads of hustle. 

In 12 games with the Bulls, they've gone 8-4 since his arrival. He's averaging 6.4 points, 6.2 rebounds and 3.8 assists. 

Recently, Zach LaVine said there's less lollygagging in the locker room and a more serious demeanor. That's the Pat Bev effect. 

And he's thriving on the appreciation from his hometown. 

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