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Twitter > Instagram Nikola Vučević details his social media bias


Nikola Vučević has over 141,000 followers on Twitter and is active enough on the social media platform to make his preferences on music, soccer and Formula 1 racing known.

But don’t get the Chicago Bulls’ All-Star center going on Instagram.

“Why do people have the need of recording every little second?” Vučević said. “The thing that bothers me the most is you go to a concert, the artist comes out and what people do is take the phone out. Enjoy the moment. You can go on YouTube and watch it.”

Vučević fielded a question on the subject because of his Tweet when Instagram joined Facebook and WhatsApp in a prolonged outage on Monday.

Given his Twitter status and referencing YouTube, Vučević isn’t anti-social media. He even has broken down a few times while at a concert and recorded a song, only to say it’s not the same experience re-watching the moment.

So there you go. Vučević is a live-in-the-moment person who values life experiences and memories over documentation.

“Yeah, I’m not a big picture-taking guy,” he said. “My wife hates it because whenever we go on vacation and do things, I’ll take pictures for memories but I’m just not big on it. I just like being in the moment, enjoying the moment. I’m old school. I don’t even have Instagram. I understand for some people it works. But if you go to a club or a restaurant, why do you have to take a picture of your food?

“Maybe I’m in the wrong era. Maybe I should’ve been born at a different time.”

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