Watch Buddy Hield hit what may be the quickest shot in NBA history


Buddy Hield was feeling it right from the opening tip. Literally.

The Indiana Pacers guard attempted and made what might have been the fastest shot in NBA history on Thursday.

Following the opening jump-ball between the Pacers' Myles Turner and Cleveland Cavaliers' Jarrett Allen, the ball was tipped (by Allen) directly to Hield, who was positioned just beyond the three-point arc with only one defender between him and the basket. Hield caught the ball, turned and, instead of putting the ball on the ground, immediately launched the three, hitting the shot just three seconds into the game.

Pretty rare in an NBA game that a bucket is made before a dribble is taken.

It was the fastest three-point make in the NBA since at least 1996-1997, the league's recorded play-by-play era, per ESPN. Hield beat out the record held by a fellow Pacer sharpshooter: Reggie Miller, who drained a three with 11:56 remaining in the first quarter in March of 2000.

The early shot was a sign of things to come for Hield, who entered the game shooting 41.9 percent from deep this season. Hield went on to score 25 points while shooting 10-for-14, including 5 of 6 from three, in the Pacers' 135-126 win over the Cavs. 

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