Archie Miller's wife ripped Northwestern on Twitter for some reason after Cats beat Dayton


Northwestern beat Dayton on Saturday night at the United Center.

But the wife of Dayton head coach Archie Miller wants to make sure everyone knows which program has ultimate bragging rights.

Oddly, Morgan Miller took to Twitter after the game and blasted Chris Collins' Northwestern program for seemingly no reason.

What gives, Mrs. Miller?

Now, it is true that Archie Miller has taken Dayton to three straight NCAA tournaments, doing a bang-up job with the Flyers and earning major props across the country as a terrific college basketball coach. And it is also true that Northwestern has never made an NCAA tournament. Ever.

It would seem that her shots at Northwestern were an extension of her displeasure with the officiating in Saturday's game. Isn't it always?

Maybe next time, leave Northwestern's sad NCAA tournament history out of your Twitter attacks on referees. Just a suggestion.

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