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Summer vacation may still be going on, but NBC Sports Chicago is going back to school as we announce the launch of the Big Ten Country podcast.

The podcast, hosted by NBC Chicago's James Neveau, will feature a wide variety of perspectives and in-depth coverage of the ever-growing conference, and we're thrilled to share the ride.

Yes, we will focus on the upcoming college football season in a big way. Each of the conference's 14 teams will get a dedicated episode, with coaches like Bret Bielema (Illinois) and Luke Fickell (Wisconsin) already joining the podcast to break down the coming year and more of the game's most prominent voices on the way.

We will also be talking to the beat writers that know these teams best, giving a detailed look at what fans can expect when the calendar finally flips to September, and their favorite teams take the field for the first time.

As the season arrives, we'll also celebrate with the rest of the college football world as Big Ten football debuts on NBC and Peacock. Still, we'll also cover the rest of the conference, giving you all the information you need throughout the season. 

Of course, football is just one of the sports the Big Ten offers, and we'll aim to cover the others too. Basketball will figure prominently over the winter, and we'll strive to provide expert analysis and coverage of other sports, whether it's baseball, gymnastics, hockey and more. 

Most importantly of all, we're never going to lose that common bond with fans. Passion makes college sports special, and we share that in common with the alumni and fans of all of the teams that make the Big Ten the powerhouse conference that we know and love. 

If you have requests for any of our shows or have an idea for future episodes, feel free to drop us a line. Our host's Twitter handle is @JamesNeveau, and you can email us at or

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Big Ten Country, and we hope that you have fun and learn as much as we have throughout the lead-up to the podcast launch.

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