Buyer beware: Counterfeit tix surfacing


The success of the Bears on the field is spawning some chicanery off it that could sting some loyal fans.

More than 100 counterfeit tickets were confiscated at last Mondays game and one arrest made of a bogus-ticket seller. Phony tix also are showing up at road games because the Bears fan base is one that travels for its teams games. The Bears already have received reports of counterfeit tickets in Tennessee, where the Bears play next Sunday.

As weve been having some success on the field, some people have been trying to take advantage of our fans off the field, said Bears Communications Vice President Scott Hagel. Weve seen an uptick of counterfeit tickets appearing at games.

Make sure youre careful who youre getting your tickets from. If youre not a season-ticket holder, TicketMaster and the NFL Ticket Exchange are the only 100-percent safe sources for tickets for games.

The problem for buyers is compounded by situations where they are buying actual tickets but ones that have been cancelled because they had been reported stolen.

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