Hester looking to get back on the edge


Throughout his distinguished career, Devin Hester has been a coachs best and worst pupil. His play has defined greatness at times, and at others, his decisions have been suspect and he has sometimes lived so close the edge that he has fallen off.

Against the Detroit Lions, however, a different Devin Hester was in action and neither he nor the Bears liked the result. He fair-caught two of three Lions punts, one when he had open ground in front of him. Matters were to the point that Earl Bennett was inserted as the punt returner.

That Devin Hester is unlikely to play on Sunday against the Carolina Panthers. The old Devin Hester is planning a return, the one who was at his best with his hair on fire but tempered by years of experience.

When youve got the opportunity, youve got to be aggressive and go make those plays, and maybe steal one, Hester said. Thats something Ive got to start doing, just the returns that Im capable of and being more aggressive.

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