Let's watch some Khalil Mack highlights, just because we can


Khalil Mack is reportedly headed to the Bears. Not only that, but his deal with the Bears will reportedly eclipse what Rams' DE Aaron Donald just got. 

So let's watch some highlights!

This first one is aptly titled "Khalil Mack is not human". 

- Here are the NFL's top-10 plays from Mack last year, which again seem to confirm that he is not human:

- Here's a red-zone strip sack that will have Bears fans salvating, if they're not already. He literally just takes the ball out of the QB's hands. 

- Here is Khalil Mack mic'd up, and it's as incredible as all mic'd up videos always are:

More Khalil Mack sacks? More Khalil Mack sacks

And here's him catching a penalty flag, just because.


-- Top 5 Defense?: Mack puts Bears over the edge

-- Twitter Reaction: There was A LOT of it

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