Lovie Smith: Packers not a ‘must' game


It was one of those moments that could be brought up in the future if Lovie Smith is not retained as head coach of the Chicago Bears.

It was Smith who said at his introductory press conference after his hiring that his first stated goal was beating the Green Bay Packers. That was followed by and went along with winning the division and then the Super Bowl.

But with the 2012 season on the brink, playing the same Packers that the organization at all levels craves beating, Smith downplayed a game that could have pulled the Bears even with the Packers at 9-5.

For us, yesterdays game was a must game for the NFC North championship, Smith said. But besides that, it wasnt a must game as far as what can happen with our season. This week were to that must game. The tournament has begun for us.

The tournament may in fact have begun and ended on Sunday. Instead, Green Bay left Soldier Field at 10-4 and with the division title. The Bears fell back to 8-6 and into a morass of playoff hopefuls.

Smith refuses to look back, although the reality is that his bosses will be.

So its about Arizona and for the players to get a chance to watch the video, Smith said. Weve got to find a way to get to 10-6 and see what happens.

Whatever that is, it will not be boring.

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