No excuses for Bears offense


Day 1 of Bears minicamp can be described as one big offensive love-fest. Jay Cutler, Mike Tice and Brandon Marshall gushed about just how good things have been going.

The two guys that have the most on the line are the quarterback and his coordinator. Tice has the unenviable task of making Cutler happy. Something Ron Turner and Mike Martz before him failed to do. Tice also has to mesh is own offensive knowledge with quarterback coach Jeremy Bates and his system from his days in Denver.

Can Tice be an effective play caller? Something he's never done before. There's more to calling a game than just picking plays off a call sheet. If this offense doesn't work then it's safe to say the Bears will have serious issues going forward. No quarterback has become an elite player after constantly changing systems. It just doesn't happen.

For his part, Cutler must do everything in his power to make it work. He stated today that this is the best wide receiving corps he's had, not to mention the two talented running backs in his arsenal. Yes, the offensive line may be a question mark, but with the ball out of Cutler's hand quicker they will be fine. They won't have the stress of having to block forever as they did in the Martz system.

There are no more excuses.

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