North Carolina judge to deny Daniel Green new trial in James Jordan murder case


According to court  report from ESPN, a North Carolina judge informed lawyers on Wednesday that he plans to deny a motion filed by Daniel Green, one of two men charged in the 1993 murder of Michael Jordan’s father, James.

According to a filing in the case, Green’s lawyer wanted Judge Winston Gilchrist to grant Green an evidentiary hearing. That hearing would have provided the chance for co-defendant Larry Demery to re-issue his testimony from 1993.

Green’s lawyer (Chris Mumma) has an affidavit that accompanied her motion that stated that Demery (the co-defendant) felt “coached by law enforcement to testify falsely against Mr. Green.”

Mumma stated that the case was heavily dependent on the testimony of Demery, who she believes was willing to lie in order to try to secure a shorter sentence. On top of that, Mumma argues that ballistics evidence and alibi witnesses were not explored in a proper manner.

Throughout all of this, Green maintains that he did help move the body of James Jordan, but had nothing to do with his murder. Prosecutors disagree, and state that Jordan’s murder was a part of a group of crimes committed by Green and Demery.

Demery and Green are both currently serving life sentences.

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