Price could be a key player in Bears' defensive line


If Brian Price is healthy and motivated, he could be a big key to filling an area of concern on the Bears' defensive line.

Price was a high second round pick in the 2010 Draft. He started 14 games for the Buccaneers last season, which means he has some ability to perform well in Chicago. The Bears gave up virtually nothing to get him, but Price has a huge upside. He's only 23 years old, so he is still a long way from his prime.

The interior defensive line was thin and relatively unproven. Melton has had the most success and number of snaps. Toeaina and Paea both have big opportunities to make a mark this season. The defensive tackle positions are key in the Bears' scheme because it's their job to provide the push and really be the run stoppers.

Price could turn out to be the best defensive addition to the Bears if he's healthy and doesn't allow his off-field distractions to impact his play on the field. He's definitely a guy Bears fans should root for.

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