Recent history suggests Khalil Mack's preseason holdout won't affect his play


Khalil Mack made his debut at Halas Hall today, and with it, offered a glimpse at the Bears' plan to get him integrated into the defense: 

“I feel like I'm ready but you know, the game — we've got to get out there and get to it and my body will respond the way it's going to respond,” Mack said. “And then coaches are going to kind of ease me into it and so we're going to figure it out.”

Even with a world-class athelte like Mack, being away from organized football for as long as he was can create concerns. The good news for Bears fans is that recent history suggests that holding out for the entire preseason isn't as problematic as you'd think -- especially on the defensive side of the ball. Here are a few defensive players who've held out all preseason, only to put up monster numbers once the games counted:

Darrelle Revis

In 2010, Revis' holdout last almost 40 days, casuing him to miss the entire preseason. A week before the 2010 regular season started, Revis and the Jets agreed on a 4-year, $46 million contract. After struggling with injuries through the first month of the season, Revis put together one of the best campaigns of his career; he again was named an All-Pro and finished as a top-10 cornerback according to Pro Football Outsiders. He was particularly dominant in pass coverage that year, ranking as PFO's best corner in success rate against the pass. 

Kam Chancellor 

Chancellor's holdout situation is unique because he ended up missing actual regular season games and still reported to the team without a new deal. After missing the first two games of the season (in which the Seahwaks went 0-2, "coincidentally" enough) Chancellor returned and anchored the defense as the Seahawks went 10-4 the rest of the way. The Seahawks finished that season with the best DVOA in the league and were one ill-advised Pete Carroll playcall from back-to-back Super Bowl titles. 

Joey Bosa

The most recent example, Bosa's lengthy 31-day holdout was particularly ugly given how much of it played out in the media. That season, though, Bosa recorded 10.5 sacks in 12 games on his way to winning Defensive Rookie of the Year. He ranked as Football Outsider's 6th-best pass rusher that year, and has since gone on to become one of the league's premier edge rushers. 

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