Seeing red: Bears new red-zone offense makes impression


The offense scored repeatedly in the red zone, with a Jay Cutler pass to Brandon Marshall for one TD and a Josh McCown flip to Alshon Jeffery standing out along with a one-handed Michael Bush grab of a Cutler swing pass.

Jeffery flashed again with a reaching grab over cornerback Jeremy Ware of a McCown pass, precisely the kind of grab the Bears envisioned when they made him their second-round pick in this years draft.

Once you get down there you need to get touchdowns so thats why we spent a lot of time there tonight, Lovie Smith said.

Jeffery also scored on a 45-yard aerial over safety Chris Conte (who was without the aid of a pass rush since it was in the fan-favorite receivers-vs.-DBs session, which most definitely favors receivers).

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