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Aaron Rodgers skips Jets' mandatory OTAs with ‘unexcused absence'

Robert Saleh said Rodgers attended an event "very important to him"

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Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers was not present during Tuesday's mandatory OTAs (Offseason Team Activities) with the team in New York. According to head coach Robert Saleh, his absence was inexcused.

“The second [absence] is Aaron,” Saleh said. “Aaron and I spoke before OTAs started, he’s been very good with communication, he’s been here the entire time. It’s inexcused, but he had an event that was very important to him, which he communicated.”

On Wednesday morning, NFL reporter Diana Russini shed some light on Rodgers' absence, saying the decision was 100% his to make and entirely up to preference.

It's a cryptic absence, and Russini's report only adds to the mystery of Rodgers' nonattendance.

But it's telling the Jets decided to publicize the absence, calling it unexcused instead of chalking it up as a personal matter. It appears to be a message from the Jets front office that even Aaron Rodgers can't do whatever he wants.

In the grand scheme of offseason football, his absence might mean nothing to the Jets' success. However, after coming off a season-ending injury from the team's first drive of the game in 2023, it seems the offseason work should be underlined for the 40-year-old quarterback looking to win his second Super Bowl.

But, alas, he's not there. And we may never find out for what reason.

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