Arlington Heights want residents' input on stadium


The village of Arlington Heights is preparing themselves to make a decision on whether or not to allow the Chicago Bears to build a stadium at Arlington Park. 

The town wants input from the residents as to whether or not they would like to see the stadium built. Also, officials of the town plan to meet with others cities to discuss stadium project that have "fared badly" and the successes with building stadiums in resident areas.

Mayor Tom Hayes wants to take the proper steps to making sure the project goes smoothly. He believes it's off on the right foot.

"This is a complex project," Hayes said to 670 the Score. "This is something, as I indicated, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, something that none of us have ever been involved in before and so we want to make sure that we do it right, that we don’t screw it up."

The Bears held a preliminary meeting at John Hersey High School to present the premiere thoughts they've constructed around the stadium and the "multi-purpose district" surrounding the stadium. 

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Some of the major takeaways included the Bears plan for funding the stadium, which they mentioned ad nauseum would only include public funding for infrastructure. They also mentioned the stadium would be "enclosed," meaning it will have some sort of roof. 

The eye-popping point of the plan surrounds the multi-purpose district, which will include hotels, offices, restaurants, gyms, entertainment and more. 

Nonetheless, there's a long way to go with the project. Chairman George McCaskey mentioned the project could take 10 years to complete. 

First, the team and the town need to be on the same page with the construction.  

"It is a jewel and, like you said, it is an award-winning downtown and it is a reason, we know from surveys, that people move here,” Trustee Robin Labedz said.

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