Bears haven't abandoned hopes of landing Russell Wilson


Ready for more Bears-Russell Wilson rumors? Because Adam Schefter continues to report the door hasn't shut on a Bears-Russell Wilson trade.

His earlier reports this week were more general about the Seahawks potentially still trading Wilson. And it seemed like the Bears might be out of the equation after Seattle refused their best offer and Chicago moved on to Andy Dalton, even telling him he's the starter (which we're still processing).

But here we go again.

Mike Greenberg asked Schefter if "we should stop paying attention to the Russell Wilson situation.

"No," Schefter said. "...I'm told that the Bears still are paying attention to Russell Wilson and have not abandoned hopes that they could eventually trade for Russell Wilson.

"And I think everyone needs to stay tuned to the Russell Wilson situation up to and during the NFL Draft. That is the real touchstone moment, when we will find out whether the Seahawks are or are not willing to trade Russell Wilson."

Once the draft begins, the Bears can up their offer from three first-round picks to four first-round picks up until they have to make a selection at No. 20. If a quarterback Seattle likes is falling down the draft, it could entice them to make a trade with the Bears if the Seahawks could land that player at 20.

Bears general manager Ryan Pace and Seahawks general manager John Schneider did meet at Trey Lance's pro day in Fargo, after all.

"If the Seahawks are going to make a trade with Russell Wilson, they're going to do it knowing they're locking into a quarterback that they want," Schefter said. "You do not make that trade unless you have an obvious successor to Russell Wilson.

"That is something the Bears could not offer this past week with the 20th-overall selection and the roster constituted the way it is.

"But as we get closer to the draft, if there is a team can assure the Seahawks are getting a quarterback, don't be surprised if we see a Russell Wilson trade."

Schefter notes Wilson's criticism of the offensive line and now that group has to block him and Wilson offering a list of teams he'd like to play for. He also adds that Wilson hasn't liked Seattle looking at quarterbacks every year, something the Bears said they'd do but haven't done in the draft since selecting Mitchell Trubisky in 2017.

It's still worth noting, Wilson has not demanded a trade yet and even told the team he wants to stay in Seattle.

"I think we have not heard them come out and say, to this point, no, we are not trading Russell Wilson," Schefter said. "When we hear the Seahawks general manager or head coach, Pete Carroll, say that, then we'll know Russell Wilson is staying put.

"So much has happened this offseason and in other offseasons, that it may be difficult in the opinion of some around the league, to put the genie back in the bottle."

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