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Chicago Bears DT Justin Jones shreds Packers fans: ‘They're really s—y'

Justin Jones really went off on Packers fans

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Justin Jones really does not like Green Bay. The Bears defensive tackle made it clear last year that he takes the Packers rivalry seriously, but on Tuesday he kicked things up a notch.

Jones addressed the media on the first day of veteran minicamp, and when he was asked about the new-look NFC North, Jones took the opportunity to shred Packers fans.

“They’re really shitty,” Jones said bluntly. “They’re just freaking obnoxious. Just yelling about all sorts of things that don’t even matter… half of them don’t even know football. It’s so weird to me.”

Jones’ displeasure stems in part from Aaron Rodgers’ departure. Players took note when Rodgers said he owns the Bears, and Jones wanted the opportunity to prove him wrong this year.

“I wish he played one more year with Green Bay, honestly… I wanted to go back up there and I wanted to play them and I wanted to beat them and I wanted him to see it.”

With Rodgers or without Rodgers it is very clear that Jones has the Week 18 trip to Lambeau Field circled on his calendar.

“I want to go out there and I want to beat the hell out of them on their field, and I want to hear the boos. That’s what I look forward to.”

Even though Jones wanted to beat Rodgers, he recognizes things are probably better for the team with Rodgers out of the division.

“I’m ready to take (the division) over. It’s a good time to be a Bears fan.”

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