2024 NFL Draft

Bears earn zero compensatory picks for 2024 NFL draft

There are 14 teams around the league who received a total of 34 compensatory picks

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Each year the NFL sends 32 compensatory picks for the upcoming NFL draft between rounds 3-7. The picks are delivered for a variety of reasons, and there's no cap on how many picks a team can get.

This year, the Bears were elected zero compensatory picks. That means they will draft with the No. 1, 9, 75, 109 and 121 picks, barring any trades that give them additional capital.

Here are all 34 compensatory picks handed out to 14 teams around the league this offseason.

How do compensatory picks work?

Teams are awarded picks for losing certain players, coaches and executives. The league has a formula to determine the value of the players. A player's average salary per year, snap count and postseason awards come into play.

The NFL also gives third-round selections in consecutive years to any team that had a minority coach or executive hired as a head coach or a general manager by another NFL club. For the Bears, if they lost Ian Cunningham this offseason --- who interviewed for at least two general manager positions this offseason --- they would've qualified for consecutive third-round picks.

There are a total of 32 picks awarded each season, but not every team gets one. Teams have to end up with more or better qualifying free agents lost than gained to qualify.

This year, two picks filed under an exception. There were 34 picks given out, instead of 32, because the Rams and 49ers met the minority executive mark for third-round picks.

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