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Brandon Marshall names Jay Cutler the worst quarterback he's ever played with

The former duo played together for three seasons each in Chicago and Denver

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Brandon Marshall, the former Bears wide receiver, was asked by Chicago native Sean Evans recently about the best and worst quarterbacks he's played with in his career.

The answer Marshall gave him might shock Chicago Bears fans.

"The worst quarterback that I played with ... And, listen, just understand that there was so much potential. And you know this, you're a Chicago guy [Evans], it was Jay Cutler," Marshall said when asked who was the worst quarterback. "Jay Cutler should've won a Super Bowl. Jay Cutler had everything that it took to be one of the most legendary quarterbacks. And so I would say Jay Cutler because he didn't reach half of his potential."

Cutler and Marshall played six total seasons together --- three in Denver and three in Chicago. What's shocking is from the six seasons they played together, Marshall recorded over 1,200 yards receiving in four of those seasons. He scored 11 and 12 touchdowns from Cutler's passes in his first two seasons in Chicago, too.

Cutler is the leading passer in Bears franchise history. He threw for over 35,000 yards in his career, but 23,443 of those yards were in Chicago, which ranks first in the franchise over Sid Luckman. Luckman threw for 14,686 yards with the Bears, which is substantially fewer yards than Cutler.

Marshall caught passes for 17 quarterbacks. It's surprising he names Cutler the worst. Some of those names include Chad Henne, Matt Moore, Jake Plummer, Bryce Petty and pre-2022 Geno Smith. That's a long list of mediocre signal callers.

So if Cutler was the worst, who was the best?

"The best quarterback I had ... I had 17 of them in my career in 13 years in the NFL, six different teams. Ryan Fitzpatrick. Ryan Fitzpatrick was that guy," Marshall said.

We'll wait for Cutler's response, if he has one.

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