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Cam Newton sheds light on Justin Fields' late hits with eye-opening, personal anecdote

The former dual-threat quarterback explains his frustrations with the late hits to running quarterbacks

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Justin Fields is a known magnet for late hits.

Since he established himself as a concrete, dual-threat quarterback who can run, he's seen the wrong end of several late hits. But he never gets the call.

In fact, on "4th & 1 with Cam Newton," his producer said Fields didn't receive one roughing the passer call this season. Newton empathized as a dual-threat quarterback, explaining why that's an upsetting revelation for Fields.

"What bothers me, is they don't look at him like that type of player. That's the frustrating thing," Newton says of the officials not seeing Fields as a defenseless player because of his size and speed. "Whether it's Justin Fields, Lamar Jackson, f------ Jared Goff, f------ Brock Purdy, Dak Prescott, it don't damn matter. Just keep the consistent calls. That's really pretty much what it comes down to."

Newton shared a personal anecdote, too, saying a referee once told him he wasn't "old enough" to get calls after helping him off the ground from a late hit. There's a lack of parity between rushing quarterbacks and those who receive late-hit calls from barely rushing.

Fields has long struggled with not getting calls for late hits. The call is one of great impact, as a personal foul allows for the offense to move 15 yards. As Newton put it, "15 yards in any point of the field is a major implication."

Fields' most recent late hit came during the final week of the season against the Packers. After the game, he expressed his concern with not getting penalty calls for those hits.

“Y’all see it,” Fields said after that game. “I just don’t understand.”

The non-call was even more head-scratching given the fact that a concussion spotter pulled Fields from the game two plays later to be evaluated for a head injury. Fields was asked about his frustration with the non-calls after the game.

“I don’t even know how to answer that because I don’t want to get fined in any kind of way,” Fields said. “The fact that I had to come out two plays later for a potential head injury on a play that I slid on should speak for itself.”

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