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Cole Kmet commends Kevin Warren for attending his college graduation

Cole Kmet earned his degree from the University of Notre Dame in May.

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Back in March, Cole Kmet set out on a quest to finish and earn his college degree at the University of Notre Dame. It was a promise he planned to fulfill for his mom.

He opted to take classes in person at Notre Dame during their previous spring semester. And by May, he earned his degree from the school that helped build his NFL career and see him get drafted by the Bears in 2020.

"For me, personally, going to Notre Dame that was one of the reasons I went there -- to get a degree from there," Kmet said to the media on Wednesday.

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One important wrinkle in the process unfolded for Kmet. Kevin Warren, the newly hired President and CEO of the Bears, attended his graduation ceremony in support of his tight end. On Wednesday, Kmet commended Warren for his presence.

"Seeing Kevin there was awesome," Kmet said. "I think (that is) great leadership by the organization."

Kmet's praise for the team's leadership and ownership didn't stop there. He remembered George McCaskey's class act back when the team visited Wrigley Field to take batting practice for fun.

"The two coolest things since I've been here, one was Kevin coming to the graduation, which was really cool. Then George (McCaskey) shagging fly balls at Wrigley Field," Kmet said. "You've got the owner, chairman of the Bears, shagging fly balls. No one wants to shag the fly balls. They all want to go hit the home run. You know what I mean? And he's out there. That's a cool act and definitely noted by the players for sure."

The culture seems more team-oriented and close-knit since Ryan Poles and Matt Eberflus entered the building. Another example of top-tier leadership could point to Poles making Justin Fields privvy to the team's draft plans in the 2023 NFL draft.

Speaking of Fields, Warren also attended his graduation ceremony at Ohio State University. The players are appreciative of these acts of trust and inclusivity. And they aren't going unnoticed.

"I just think it shows that he cares about you as a person," Kmet said of Warren. "At the end of the day this is a business and we're all assets of the organization. But to see them kind of extend themselves in that way and make the two-hour drive to South Bend, and you know he went to Justin's deal in Columbus. It's just a cool act and it shows there's an investment in the person."

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