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Did you know the Bears can't mesh their orange helmets with different-colored jerseys? Here's why

A caveat to the 2022 NFL uniform rule prevents an awesome uniform for the Bears

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This Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Bears will don their orange helmets, orange jerseys and white pants on the road, unveiling their alternate uniforms.

According to the NFL rulebook, teams must wear the alternate helmets --- which were finally allowed to be worn in games in 2022 --- during practice the week they plan to wear them in a game.

On Wednesday, they wore them in practice, but they matched them with their blue jerseys.

Dare I say those uniforms look ... better?

Don't get me wrong, contrary to popular opinion, I actually like the orange helmets and orange jerseys. It gives the Bears and the NFL a more college football-type feel, which is rare for the rather mundane, bureaucratic league.

But the orange helmets, blue jerseys and white pants are different. It gives the uniform an entire look with no colors excluded.

Unfortunately, the NFL doesn't permit the mix-and-match. If a team decides to wear an alternate helmet, they must pair it with either their Alternate, Classic and/or Color Rush uniforms, according to a story from

So, when you expect the orange helmet to come out, expect the orange jersey with it.

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