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ESPN analyst says the Bears have screwed up Justin Fields ‘beyond repair'

Mike Greenberg declares the Bears need to start over

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The Bears shocking, surprising, and eye-popping 0-4 start to the season has everyone looking towards the future.

Is it time for the Bears to make changes? One ESPN analyst didn't hold back about the Bears on television.

"The Chicago Bears have screwed up that kid [Justin Fields] beyond repair," Mike Greenberg said on ESPN's Get Up! "The reality is they gotta get a lot of stuff right. At this point, the best thing that could happen to Justin Fields is to get up out of there immediately. He's not coming back next year.

"This whole coaching staff could be gone if they get blown out tomorrow night against Washington, which they probably will. This organization from the top down has screwed everything up beyond belief over the last decade if not more. It is time to start over again."


While it's possible Greenberg went a little too far, he's not wrong.

Let's recap the Bears' season thus far through four weeks.

They opened up the season with an 18-point loss to the Green Bay Packers, surrendering nearly 40 points at home. It was outsiders' first look at the team. And it included elementary offense, lack of effort and poor football all around.

During Week 2, the Bears kept it close with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Down three points in the fourth quarter, however, Justin Fields threw a four-yard pick-6 on account of three straight screen play calls from offensive coordinator Luke Getsy.

No surprise the following week. Taylor Swift's presence trumped the storyline of the Bears' 31-point loss to the reigning Super Bowl champions. Earlier that week, the Bears announced Alan Williams resigned from his position as defensive coordinator, leaving fans sorely confused about his untimely departure.

Then, heading into their home game against the Broncos --- which they insufferably lost --- the Bears asked Chase Claypool not to attend the game as a healthy scratch. They also announced he will not be at Halas Hall this week leading up to their Thursday night game against the Commanders that will not play, either.

That being said, one begins to wonder if jobs are on the line at this point.

Should the Bears consider firing Matt Eberflus? Luke Getsy?

Remember, the Bears have never fired a head coach in the middle of the season in the franchise's history. It's never been done. Also, the Bears are already understaffed without Williams as the defensive coordinator. Who would step in as interim head coach amid a midseason fire?

Either way, is it warranted to think change is on the horizon for the Bears?

"It's warranted for us to say 'You gotta burn it down and redo the whole thing,'" Marcus Spears said.

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