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Ex-NFL QB identifies two frightening possibilities causing Justin Fields' lack of success

Dan Orlovsky believes Justin Fields' issues are at an alarming degree

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Yet again, Justin Fields repeated his shortcomings last Sunday against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

To open the season, against the Packers, he let it all hang out. He missed wide-open opportunities, his footwork was sloppy and his decision-making was terrible. The same inhibitions reared their ugly heads last Sunday.

And one former NFL quarterback, Dan Orlovsky, pinpointed all of Fields' problems into two frightening possibilities.

"Justin, right now, looks like one of two things," Orlovsky said on The Pat McAfee Show. "He either can't see the field and can't read defenses. Or, he has absolutely zero trust and belief in what he's looking at."

Orlovsky referenced two plays, in particular, that perfectly displayed Fields' kryptonite.

He cited the play that went semi-viral on social media, where Roschon Johnson's seem route to the endzone is wide open. He also mentioned a sail play where Fields decided not to pull the trigger.

All of his flaws are well-documented in a recent YouTube film breakdown engineered by former NFL quarterback J.T. O'Sullivan. He not only points out Fields' inefficiencies but the Bears' as a team, too.

One thing Orlovsky, and O'Sullivan, reiterated in their analyses of Fields is his footwork. On film, it's clear his comfort level in the pocket is low. His feet start to chop and his heels click. His body language doesn't reflect the comfortability the Bears need him to have in the pocket.

"When you watch him drop, he's thinking while he's dropping. He's being reactive rather than proactive. You can watch it with his feet. There are too many examples of that," Orlovsky said.

The Bears might be in deeper water than fans expected.

If Fields can't read defenses, or worse, doesn't trust the offense, how can the Bears generate a productive offense?

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