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Ex-NFL quarterback says the Bears offense looks ‘incompetent'

Tim Jenkins breaks down the unfortunate nature of the Bears' dynamic

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It's clear from the Bears' effort against the Packers that their offensive scheme might be detrimental to their success.

Luke Getsy's offensive scheme looked rudimentary. There was an abundance of screen-plays, failed and confusing RPOs and ineffective pass protections. The whole thing was a mess. And it proved itself in the final score.

One former NFL quarterback brought up a potential problem in the dynamic of the voices leading the offense.

"It's hard because Justin's [Fields] still early in his career," ex-NFL quarterback Tim Jenkins said to Bernstein & Holmes on 670 The Score. "You wanna know what would happen if you installed that [offense] with Tom [Brady], or Peyton [Manning, or [Patrick] Mahomes. They'd look at you and say 'I'm not effing doing that! That's a dumb play we're throwing that one out.'

"Unfortunately, Justin's not at that point in his career where he can look at his OC and say that yet."

Adding on to Jenkins' excellent point, Fields may not be at the point in his career where he has the ability to make a change. He's been scrutinized invariably about his ability, or lack thereof, to read defenses.

Would he know to call a different play based on the look of the defense?

There are examples of him doing just that. But he likely doesn't want to go over the head of his offensive coordinator.

Something has to change. You can see definitively in the tape how poorly the offensive scheme is structured and even more poorly executed. I recommend visiting "The QB School" YouTube channel to effectively take note of these instances.

Either way, the offense doesn't look pretty after months to prepare for the season.

"It just looked incompetent," Jenkins said.

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