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Here are the goals Gervon Dexter Jr. sets on the lock screen of his phone

The sophomore defensive tackle has strong goals for the upcoming season

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Gervon Dexter Jr. is facing a highly-anticipated sophomore season with the Bears, as he's expected to be a mainstay on the team's defensive line.

In preparation for the tall task, Dexter was told by his coaches to undergo a vigorous offseason plan.

"The day we left, coach Trav told me, 'When you come back, I don't want to notice you. I don't want you to look the same, walk the same, talk the same,'" Dexter told "That was his thing to me.

"So, I made that my goal."

In addition to a rigorous plan this offseason that saw Dexter change his diet, lose 10 pounds, but gain five pounds in lean mass, he set long-term, personal goals on the lock screen of his phone.

Dexter is aiming for eight or more sacks, 15 or more tackles for loss and his first Pro Bowl and All-Pro nods.

"I want to maximize my potential, and I think that's being one of the best D-tackles in the NFL," Dexter said. "That's 8-plus sacks. I've got it written out on my phone. I look at it every day."

Similarly, Bears rookie quarterback Caleb Williams sets long-term goals on his phone. He achieved one of those goals, which was being the first pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. But his goals are a little loftier than Dexter's; the lock screen also includes more motivational quotes as opposed to goals.

"I set my goals. I set my season goals every year. I set my long-term goals," Williams said on "The Pivot" podcast.

It's curious if Dexter adapted that motivation tactic from his new rookie teammate. Still, the Bears' youngsters are aiming to be amongst some of the league's best.

And both Dexter and Williams will get a shot at that beginning next season.

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