Caleb Williams

Here's a look at Caleb Williams' goals set on the lock screen of his phone

Bears fans should be excited about the goals Caleb Williams is bringing to Chicago

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Caleb Williams is determined.

That's become abundantly clear this offseason. He has a ton of confidence in himself as a football player. And because of his talents and self-beliefs, he sets high goals for himself.

"I set my goals. I set my season goals every year. I set my long-term goals," Williams said on "The Pivot" podcast. "Other than that, chasing those things, or trying to get those things, don't cross my mind as much; whether that's the way I walk, the way I talk, how I act, how I treat people and then how I get on that field and I'm a different person. That's kinda how I go about it."

Williams sets his goals front and center on the lock screen of his iPhone. Here's what those goals are.

First pick in the draft. Eight Super Bowls.

Those are lofty goals. But he'll achieve the first one come this Thursday when Roger Goodell inevitably calls his name in Detroit to the Chicago Bears.

"I set No. 1 on my list a long time ago. Once I hit them, or once I pass them and I can't do them again, I remove them. ... I change it every year, depending on what I can and cannot reach," Williams said.

He'll have to write some new ones, alongside the long-term goal of eight Super Bowls. But he spoke one into existence for next season with the Bears.

"If that's the plan, is for the Bears to draft me, the plan is to go as far as you can possibly go all the way to February. Until that, until things go the opposite way, then you deal with it," Williams said.

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