Keenan Allen

Here's where Keenan Allen would rank on Bears' all-time receiving list

Let's look at how Allen would compare to the Bears' best receivers

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Recently, the Bears traded for wide receiver Keenan Allen from the Chargers in exchange for a fourth-round pick in the 2024 NFL draft.

Allen is considered one of the league's best receivers at this moment. He's also had an illustrious 11-year career with the Chargers before the team opted to move him to Chicago.

If Allen had played his first 11 years in the NFL in Chicago, where would he rank in the team's all-time receiving lists? Here's a list of Allen's career statistics and where he would rank on the Bears' all-time receiving lists; next to his standing will be the Bears' leader in that category.

Allen's Career Receiving Stats

Here are Allen's career receiving statistics matched up with his hypothetical ranking on the Bears' all-time list, plus the Bears' current leader of said category.

StatAllen's CareerHypothetical Bears StandingBears 1st Place
Games1399thDennis Gentry (159 games)
Yards10,530 yards1stJohnny Morris (5,059 yards)
Receptions9041stWalter Payton (492 receptions)
Touchdowns591stKen Kavanaugh (50 touchdowns)
Yards per Game75.8 ypg3rdDJ Moore (80.2 ypg)

Allen, if he'd played all 11 seasons of his career in Chicago, would undoubtedly be the Bears' best receiver of all time. This goes to show how few franchise receivers the Bears have had in the franchise's history.

They've had elite talent roll through, of course. But they've never had a perennially strong pass-catcher like Allen was for the Chargers.

Allen's Single-Season Records

Same thing as before. Here are Allen's best single-season marks and where they would stand on the Bears' all-time single-season marks. Chicago's first-place mark in each of the categories is listed at the end.

StatAllen's Single-Season BestHypothetical Bears StandingBears 1st Place
Yards1,393 yards4thBrandon Marshall (1,508 yards)
Receptions108 receptions2ndBrandon Marshall (118 receptions)
Touchdowns8 touchdownsT-16thDick Gordon (13 touchdowns)
Yards per Game95.6 yards per game1stBrandon Marshall (94.3 yards per game)

Even though Allen doesn't sweep the single-season records like he does the career bests, this still goes to show Allen is as elite as they come compared to Chicago's best.

It also goes to prove how elite Marshall was in a single-season setting in Chicago. Allen's single-season bests barely live up to Marshall's. If anything, Bears fans should know they're getting a receiver comparable to some of Marshall's best production, who may end up being a No. 2 or 1B option to DJ Moore, or vice versa.

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