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Here's where the Bears stand in national power rankings after egregious loss to Packers in Week 1

Checking in on FOX, CBS, ESPN, NFL and The Athletic ahead of Week 2

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Saying "The Bears lost to the Packers at home" in Week 1, simply won't do the outcome justice.

Maybe, "The Bears were dominated by the Packers" would suffice. How about "The Packers dismantled, ravaged, gutted and shattered the Bears"? Too much?

You get the point.

The national outlets already weren't super confident in the Bears ahead of Week 1. The highest ranking the Bears received between CBS, ESPN, FOX, and The Athletic was 24th --- a tie between ESPN and The Athletic.

Here's where the aforementioned five outlets reranked the Bears after their unwatchable (that better?) loss to the Packers. Don't forget to consult NBC Sports Chicago's power rankings from Insider Josh Schrock, too.


Pre-Week 1 Ranking: 27th
Post- Week 1 Ranking: 30th

"The offensive showing wasn't good, but the defense was even worse. So much for the idea of this team taking a step forward."


Pre-Week 1 Ranking: 24th
Post- Week 1 Ranking: 29th

"The fourth-round running back [Roschon Johnson] was the lone bright spot for the Bears in a 38-20 drubbing by Green Bay. Johnson's touchdown may have come too late, but his efficiency as a rusher (4.0 yards per carry) was the best of any Bears running back. Chicago leaned on the rookie (29 snaps) more than Khalil Herbert and D'Onta Foreman, a load share that could become heavier for Johnson should he continue to provide the offense with multiple uses."


Pre-Week 1 Ranking: 25th
Post-Week 1 Ranking: 29th

"The Bears weren’t supposed to be all the way down here, but this looked exactly like the team that finished with the worst record in the league last year. Chicago’s offensive line was still leaky. Justin Fields still didn’t threaten the defense consistently as a passer.  The Bears secondary gave up three gains of 30+. Getting blasted by Aaron Rodgers was to be expected. It wasn’t supposed to happen to Jordan Love."

Pre-Week 1 Ranking: 26th
Post-Week 1 Ranking: 29th

"There weren't a ton of positives to take away from the opener, which ended in a ninth straight loss to Green Bay. Justin Fields wasn't bad, per se, but he was hardly great -- and the overall offensive struggles were such that any offseason optimism anyone might have been feeling was severely tamped down. Netting 6 points on the first three possessions hurt, as the Bears turned the ball over on downs and got bogged down twice deep in Green Bay territory. The offensive line was a sieve. There were five offensive penalties. And Fields threw a horrific pick-six late that sealed it. On top of that, Chicago's defense fell flat, too: The Bears were inconsistent with their pass rush and coverage, generated zero turnovers and executed poorly on third and fourth down. There was more bad here than I imagined the Bears having in Week 1."

The Athletic

Pre-Week 1 Ranking: 24th
Post-Week 1 Ranking: 29th

"It’s a good thing the Bears have all that draft capital because they have to go get a quarterback. The Justin Fields Experiment is over. In his 26th career start, Fields was 24 of 37 for 216 yards, a touchdown and a pick-six. He led Chicago in rushing with 59 yards but also had a critical fumble, and the Bears were down 24-6 before they scored their first touchdown."

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