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Here's where the Chicago Bears stack up on list of longest Super Bowl droughts

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As the Kansas City Chiefs continue to celebrate their second straight Super Bowl victories, Chicago Bears fans undoubtedly are wondering when it will be their turn to experience the glory of a title.

It’s now been 38 years since the Bears last hoisted the Lombardi Trophy, doing so in New Orleans after defeating the New England Patriots in the 1986 Super Bowl.

It may feel like it’s been an eternity since the team won, but the reality is that the Bears aren’t even in the top-10 when it comes to the longest Super Bowl droughts.

In fact, there are eight teams, fully one-quarter of the league, that have existed for the entire 58-year history of the Super Bowl that have never won the game.

That list includes the Detroit Lions and Cleveland Browns, neither of whom has ever even played in a Super Bowl.

The Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills, Tennessee Titans, Los Angeles Chargers, Minnesota Vikings and Atlanta Falcons have also never won a Super Bowl despite having opportunities to do so.

The Cincinnati Bengals came into existence 56 years ago, and have also never won the game.

In terms of teams that have won the Super Bowl, the Bears currently have the fourth-longest drought. It’s been 55 years since the New York Jets won the third Super Bowl ever played, while the Miami Dolphins just hit 50 years without a championship. In fact, the Dolphins haven’t won a playoff game in the last 23 seasons.

Finally, the Las Vegas Raiders just hit 40 years without a championship, putting the Bears as the 13th-longest drought in the sport.

The Bears also have the 14th-longest drought without an appearance in the Super Bowl, having last made it in 2006 when they lost to the Indianapolis Colts.

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