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If Tyson Bagent starts for Bears, he'll join surprisingly large group in team history

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Chicago Bears quarterback Tyson Bagent came in for injured starter Justin Fields on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings, but could he get a chance to start a game this coming weekend?

Bagent threw for 83 yards and an interception in a 19-13 loss to the Vikings, but it isn’t known if he will be the starter when the Bears take the field against the Las Vegas Raiders in Week 7.

If he does, then he would join a stunningly large list of quarterbacks who have started games for the Bears since 2000.

That list currently stands at a staggering 28 as of now, with most quarterbacks starting fewer than 10 games for Chicago during that time.

The high watermark was set by Jay Cutler, who started 102 games for the Bears during his time in Chicago.

Mitchell Trubisky is in second with 50, while Justin Fields and Rex Grossman are tied for third with 31 starts.

Without further ado, here is the full list of quarterbacks who have started games for the Bears since 2000, organized by number of starts:

Jay Cutler (102)

Mitchell Trubisky (50)

Rex Grossman (31)

Justin Fields (31)

Jim Miller (23)

Kyle Orton (18)

Chris Chandler (13)

Cade McNown (9)

Nick Foles (8)

Shane Matthews (8)

Josh McCown (7)

Kordell Stewart (7)

Matt Barkley (6)

Andy Dalton (6)

Brian Griese (6)

Brian Hoyer (5)

Chad Hutchinson (5)  

Craig Krenzel (5)

Mike Glennon (4)

Caleb Hanie (4)

Chase Daniel (3)

Jonathan Quinn (3)

Jimmy Clausen (2)

Henry Burris (1)

Jason Campbell (1)

Todd Collins (1)

Nathan Peterman (1)

Trevor Siemian (1)

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