Jaquan Brisker

Jaquan Brisker says Bears are ‘going to get a different No. 9 this year'

Jaquan Brisker believes a lot more is in store for him this season as opposed to last season.

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Jaquan Brisker made a top-notch impression on the Bears last season.

He quickly became one of the team's standout players, displaying his outstanding ball-hawk ability through the air and on the ground. But he isn't satisfied, saying he believes there is more in store for him this season now that he's more comfortable within himself and in the defense.

"I felt like I could have been more involved in the defense and things like that," Brisker said, referring to last season. "This year I feel a lot more comfortable with the coaches, with the defense with the players. I feel like myself. I feel like it’s going to be a way different year than it was last year."

Another reason Brisker is confident about the upcoming season is his improved health. He endured two injuries last season. He broke his right thumb during preseason, playing with protection and limiting his efficiency. During Week 11, he underwent a concussion that forced him out of two games.

"I feel like last year, in the beginning, I felt like I was ahead of the game until I messed up my thumb," Brisker said. "I had to come back and get all that back and I started kicking it up again. And then when I got a concussion, that kind of was a little setback there."

Make no mistake, despite the health setbacks, Brisker still recorded an exceptional season on the last line.

Through the air, he allowed just 56 percent of his opposition's targets to be caught. He earned one interception and allowed a sub-100 quarterback rating to his opponents.

What's more, Brisker -- uncannily -- led the team in sacks with four sacks. Not only does he have tremendous sideline-to-sideline abilities, but he can stack the box and rush the passer, too. He's an oversized, robust, explosive safety the Bears covet.

This offseason, Brisker is focused on cleaning up his footwork. He claims he was "moving too fast" at the beginning of last season, anxiously. He also critiqued his eyes, calling them "dirty."

"I feel like when I came back (from injury) I was trying to move too fast instead of being under control, being myself, making plays and not giving up certain things or not being consistent," Brisker said. "You see it during the OTAs this year, a lot of different energy. I’m flying around playing both safeties and things like that.

"Definitely going to get a different No. 9 this year."

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