Jaylon Johnson

Jaylon Johnson ‘didn't care' about the distractions leading up to blowout loss

The Bears cornerback was unfazed by the week's happenings leading up to their game against the Chiefs

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The Bears were not short of distractions leading up to their 41-10 blowout loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday.

It started out as a normal Wednesday at Halas Hall. Justin Fields was trying to do his part for the media, informing them of his thoughts on his struggles and his "robotic" play thus far this season.

It did not end well.

Some of the media exaggerated his comments, depicting him as blaming the coaching staff for his struggles. His comments were wildly blown out of proportion, as he took responsibility for the Bears' bad play. He cleared up his comments later, saying to put the blame on him.

That was just the beginning.

Rumblings started to develop that same day about Alan Williams and his status with the Bears. Not terribly long after Fields' comments, the Bears announced Williams' resignation from his position as defensive coordinator. It was a strange occurrence. He cited family and health matters for his departure, but reports have surfaced about "inappropriate behavior" he instigated in the workplace.

Even Friday, an unknown number of robbers stole $100,000 worth of lawn equipment from Soldier Field. The equipment was not owned by the Bears, but still, another opportunity to distract the Bears.

Not so fast, says Jaylon Johnson. Were the Bears distracted heading into Sunday against the Chiefs?

"H--- nah," Johnson said, laughing, on 670 the Score with Parkins & Spiegel. "There wasn't an opportunity for us to think about what was going on ... I know I didn't care about all the distractions and all that. Nobody was really trippin'."

Johnson refrained from characterizing the turn of events, specifically Williams' resignation, as "weird." He said the NFL always gives an opportunity for something unordinary to happen.

Johnson did admit, however, that the turnover in the middle of the season is not something the Bears are used to. He is experiencing his second regime with the Bears, however.

No matter. The Bears cornerback claims outsiders placed the pressure and distress on the team. He ascertains the team wasn't distracted by any of the strange events.

"A lot of people put what was going on on us," Johnson said. "Nah, internally, we were good. It's easy to project on us because we wear the Bears logo. But we're good. We were focused on trying to beat the Kansas City Chiefs."

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