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Justin Fields' dad says he's a ‘nervous wreck' during Bears games

Pablo Fields, Justin's dad, can't help but grow nervous for his son while watching Bears games.

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Pablo Fields, Justin Fields' dad, jumped on Peggie Kusinsky's The Sportscaster and Her Son podcast to talk about his process of watching Justin play during Bears games.

Most parents can relate to Pablo when he says he's a "nervous wreck" during Bears games.

"Nobody would believe this but I hate the football games," Pablo said. "I go to every one. But I'm like nervous. I look at my heart rate on my iPhone and it's through the roof. I don't sit with any friends or family."

Pablo mentioned he and his wife, Jo Ann Fields, use Justin's two free tickets to sit behind the Bears bench on approximately the 30-yard line. He doesn't like being bothered because he says he sees the game through a "different lens."

It's impossible for Fields' dad to enjoy the games because he worries for his son's safety. Most people enjoy watching football games, drinking as they watch the game and nonchalantly tuning in. Not Pablo. He says locked in making sure his son is well on the field.

Last season must've been a troublesome season for Pablo. His son tied as the most sacked quarterback in the league. He endured plenty of late hits while on the run. And he made a habit of taking off sprinting with the football, risking his safety as a ball carrier.

At the end of the day, Fields is doing his best to put his team in the best position to win. But it comes at a cost to his health and safety. He took a lot of hits last season -- illegal and perfectly legal -- and it will continue to happen each season. (Hopefully not to the degree Fields experienced last season.)

It's fun for Bears fans to soak in Fields' highlight reel abilities on the field. But for his father, it's a taxing experience.

"You got your kid out there on the battlefield at war. I'm a nervous wreck the whole time. No fun to be around," Pablo said.

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