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Justin Fields still missing open routes in new YouTube film breakdown

You will laugh for the wrong reasons from this video

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Another week, another brutal film session to watch from the Bears.

This time, it wasn't as egregious as last week's film watch against the Green Bay Packers. This one sprinkles in some positives in a heaping pile of negatives.

Here's another gem from J.T. O'Sullivan, the mind and voice behind "The QB School" YouTube channel.

Quick note: not sure if anyone noticed, but O'Sullivan consistently called Robert Tonyan "Kyle Orton" because of his No. 18 jersey. Quite the deep dig from O'Sullivan's knowledge of the Bears. Impressive.

Anyways, similar to Week 1, O'Sullivan exposes mistakes from a conglomerate of players and coaches on the Bears. The only difference is that the mistakes aren't as erroneous as last week's.

However, the film isn't short of them from all areas.

The most disappointing, in my opinion, is watching Justin Fields go through his progressions and miss wide-open routes. Like last week, it happened on several occasions. His footwork also needs a lot of support and dedicated time to fix it. It's choppy and inefficient.

Sunday's loss to the Buccaneers, however, is not all Fields' fault. The pass protection is seriously dismantled. The effort was better than the first week, but there were still spurts of half-speed plays and blatant disengagement.

And, of course, there is plenty of disaster from a play-calling standpoint. The play-calling emulates a lack of trust in Fields, as Getsy & Co. continue to cut the field in half and force him to be a pocket quarterback. Hopefully, like last season, the coaching staff adapts and creates plays more suitable for Fields' strengths.

As always, it's an eye-opening watch. If you're a casual football/Bears fan, or even an advanced one, I would bet you will still gain insight from these breakdowns. They are extremely insightful. O'Sullivan is modest and humble in his analysis, too, always asserting his contention may not be the correct frame of mind.

Give it a watch. Keep a drink close by.

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