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‘Lacks self-awareness': Colin Cowherd criticizes Justin Fields' Top-5 rushing QB list

The NFL analyst calls Fields a "bust" and says his top-5 rushing quarterback list "lacks self-awareness"

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Recently, Justin Fields was interviewed by CBS Sports and was asked if he could list who he thinks is the best five rushing quarterbacks of all time.

Coming off a season where he recorded the second-most rushing yards for a quarterback in NFL history, he confidently placed himself on the list, alongside Michael Vick, Cam Newton, Lamar Jackson and Steve Young.

Colin Cowherd didn't approve of his answer. And he dared to rope Fields in with Johnny Manziel and Baker Mayfield for having an ego-inflated attitude.

"I don't think he's one of the top five running quarterbacks," Cowherd said. "You get banged up, can't win games. It's not the end of the world. MVP, MVP, 4-time Pro Bowler, Super Bowl winner . . . bust."

Cowherd prefaced his argument by saying he holds quarterbacks to a higher character standard than all other positions. Quarterbacks are usually the face of the franchise, leaders of the team, and coaches on the field. For that, they're held to a high standard off the field.

From his perspective, Fields saying he's part of the top-five greatest rushing quarterbacks of all time was an ego-driven, conceited, ludicrous answer. He repeated multiple times he "just wants a better answer," or one that comes from a more humble and modest place.

Yet, Cowherd is missing the point of the argument. He driveled on about Fields not being a better quarterback than the ones he listed, while correctly mentioning Fields wasn't a better quarterback than the ones in the NFC North last season.

That's all fine and well, but it's not the argument.

Fields was asked to list the best rushing quarterbacks of all time. Out of all quarterbacks in NFL history, solely focusing in on their rushing attributes, who can advance the ball the best with their legs at the quarterback position?

Bringing MVPs, Pro Bowls and Super Bowls into the mix is not part of this argument. Bring in rushing yards, yards per carry, rushing touchdowns, scrambling, or velocity. Those are the pieces to this puzzle. Not the broader scope that decides who is the better quarterback.

That's not the question. We know Fields is 5-20, has a sub-60% completion rate over his career, and hasn't proven himself to be an elite, or even above-average, passer of the football. We got it.

Unfortunately, Cowherd found himself in a rabbit hole, using one interview against Fields' ability on the field.

"I've always been 60/40 that Justin Fields is going to succeed," Cowherd said. "I'm coming back 5 percent. Lacks a little self-awareness."

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