Justin Fields

Michael Vick perfectly explains why he believes Justin Fields will improve this season

Vick points to Fields' inexperience in Luke Getsy's offense as a reason to believe his comfort levels will rise

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Justin Fields added a wrinkle to his skillset unbeknownst to anyone last season.

He is lightning-fast, and an escape artist in the pocket.

He endured a league-leading 55 sacks, which he, the offensive line and the wide receiver core are all responsible for. But he proved on several occasions he can escape the pocket with ease and take off with the ball.

But how come he can't get comfortable in the pocket?

As Colin Cowherd mentioned on his show, Fields always looks panicked, refusing to use the space given to him in the pocket to create offense. Michael Vick joined Cowherd to explain the mentality of a rushing quarterback in an unfamiliar system.

"It wasn't until Year 2 when I got comfortable in the offense where I really felt like I could hang in the pocket, I could go through all my reads, and then let my running ability happen instinctually," Vick said. "I think that's the most important thing.

"When you try to predetermine when to run ... you usually end up running into somebody. When it's done naturally, that's when you find a passing lane. You might be able to slide up, push up into a certain area and then break containment and then get outside of the pocket.

"But that comes with the comfort level of knowing the offense and understanding when to pass it, when to run it, and then also anticipating. So, to Justin's credit, this is Year 2 in this system. I always felt like last year was still gonna be a learning curve. He's still fairly young, so let's give him credit for that. But I expect to see what we've seen out of Jalen Hurts and these young quarterbacks who progressed in Year 2 and 3, but being in the same system."

It's easy to forget Fields endured, in essence, a second rookie year last season. Because the Bears remodeled their coaching staff with Matt Eberflus, and Getsy taking over the offense, Fields, and the team, was forced to learn a new offense.

This puts a great deal of stress on a quarterback. Especially considering the Bears called an audible midseason, crafting a predominantly rushing offense behind the legs of Fields, David Montgomery and Khalil Herbert.

The team didn't trust their offensive line and wide receiver core -- along with their quarterback -- to create a sustainable offense through the air. That led the Bears to top the league in rushing attempts and rushing yards, breaking their own single-season franchise record for team rushing yards (3,014).

Vick's point should turn on a lightbulb.

Now, Fields can trust his offensive line and pass-catching group -- to a higher degree than last season, at least. Couple that with his experience in Getsy's offense and Bears fans should see improvement from Fields and the offense this season.

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