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NFL analyst Mike Greenberg believes Justin Fields is ‘well aware' he won't return to the Bears

Greenberg underlines Fields' unfollowing the Bears on social media as "plausible deniability"

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Recently, fans noticed Justin Fields unfollowed the Chicago Bears Instagram account, leading them to believe the quarterback is on his way out of Chicago.

He later explained to "The 33rd Team" that the reason for his unfollow was strictly to declutter his timeline, as he was nearing a vacation and wanted football to be the last thing on his mind. Fields explained he didn't just unfollow the Bears, but also the NFL's social media, too.

But ESPN analyst Mike Greenberg doesn't see that move as a simple unfollow. He believes Fields knows what's next.

"Justin is well aware he is out of Chicago. He is well aware he's not coming back," Greenberg said on ESPN's "Get Up!" "They're trading him. He's beginning the process of moving on. ... The best thing the Bears can do for him is to get him out of there as quickly as possible so he can begin the process of proving them wrong wherever he goes next.

"No one has ever unfollowed the Chicago Bears because they're tired of the talk on their timeline. Unfollowing someone gives you plausible deniability. You get to make the statement, and then you get to pretend you didn't do anything."

While the topic of social media following feels juvenile to discuss, Greenberg has a point. If Fields was tired of the Bears' and NFL's overwhelming content, why didn't he just mute the accounts? Why did he have to take it as far as to unfollow the accounts, leading to more unwanted speculation about his situation?

Fields said it himself to "The 33rd Team," he's tired of the talk. He said he just wants the whole thing to be over. Trade him, draft Caleb Williams. Or keep him, trade the No. 1 pick. He just wants to be updated.

Another reason Fields wants the process to be over is so he can prepare for the next season. He said he enjoys watching film during the offseason, but without a concrete team to watch film for, he's been a little lost this offseason.

But don't get it twisted, even if Fields knows he won't be in Chicago next season, he would certainly prefer to be here.

"Yeah, of course. Of course, I want to stay," Fields told the St. Brown brothers on "The 33rd Team." "To be honest, bruh, I be tryna like ... with all the talk [about Caleb Williams, his trade rumors, etc.] it's hard to just, you know, be in one place. But I can't see myself playing in another place.

"If it was up to me, I would want to stay in Chicago. I love the city. The city's lit. The fans there, they're great. It's a business. I ain't got no control over it. Whatever happens, happens."

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