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NFL DPOY calls Justin Fields the ‘best-running quarterback' he's seen

Nick Bosa dared to call Justin Fields the 'best-running quarterback' he's seen

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Justin Fields produced one of the NFL's all-time greatest rushing seasons for a quarterback last season.

He rushed for the second-most yards in a single season all-time by a quarterback with 1,143 yards, tacking on eight touchdowns. Fields also smashed franchise and NFL records, including Michael Vick's single-game rushing record, when he ran for 178 yards against the Miami Dolphins.

"He's probably the best running quarterback I've seen," NFL Defensive Player of the Year, Nick Bosa, told NFL Films leading up to Fields' inclusion in the top-100 NFL player list.

"Like Mike Vick out there."

And it's not just Bosa who noticed Fields' uncanny speed last season. Other defenders around the league were surprised by Fields' ability to advance the ball with his legs, too.

"You really underestimate how fast he is until he gets out in that open field," Houston Texans linebacker Jerry Hughes said. "In the huddle, we were like 'Dang, okay, young guy can run.'"

When CBS Sports recently asked Fields to list the top-5 rushing quarterbacks of all time, he placed himself in the conversation.

"Oh, I am," Fields told CBS Sports on All Things Covered. "I'm definitely in the top five."

Fields rattled off himself, Vick, Lamar Jackson, Cam Newton and Steve Young. He emphasized there is no particular order to that list, although Vick probably deserves the first spot.

Colin Cowherd recently called out Fields for listing himself. He wished for the quarterback to be more humble and modest, believing Fields' self-inclusion was egotistical and naive.

"I don't think he's one of the top five running quarterbacks," Cowherd said. "You get banged up, can't win games. It's not the end of the world. MVP, MVP, 4-time Pro Bowler, Super Bowl winner . . . bust."

One area Fields has yet to master is throwing the football at an elite level. He's recorded just over 4,000 yards in his career with a sub-60% completion rate. He's objectively a below-average quarterback when throwing the football.

Though, Ryan Poles and the front office pieced together a significant roster this offseason to help Fields. They traded for DJ Moore, signed Nate Davis, and drafted Darnell Wright, Tyler Scott and Roschon Johnson.

Bosa believes Fields will inevitably improve in the passing game.

"I think his throwing ability is going to keep getting better," Bosa said.

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