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Olin Kreutz insists he would want out of Chicago if he was Justin Fields

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The Bears and Justin Fields have only shown flashes of synergy and connection together.

What I mean by that is this --- in only some instances, or some games, does Luke Getsy call the plays Justin Fields needs to succeed on the field. It's clear from watching Fields he thrives in space. Move the pocket, roll him out, run the ball through him, etc.

Plenty of the time, however, Getsy and the Bears try and force Fields to be a pocket passer. And every time they try and stick him there consistently, things go south for the Bears' offense. For one Bears player, he says enough is enough for Fields.

"The Bears are insisting they want a quarterback who can beat you from the pocket," Olin Kreutz said to Parkins & Spiegel on 670 the Score. "The only thing that tells me that is the film ... They don't want these college concepts. They don't want to run a lot of quarterback runs. They don't want to run a lot of zone reads.

"So if you're gonna do that, if I'm Justin Fields, I want out of Chicago."

Certainly, Kreutz provides a different perspective on the Bears' quarterback situation. All this time, it's felt like Fields hasn't lived up to the standards of the Bears, not the other way around.

Sure, it's well-known how despicable the play-calling has been for Fields in some instances. But Fields isn't squeaky clean of flaws, too.

Fields has not proven himself as a pocket passer. And since Tyson Bagent has taken over for him under center, he's exposed Fields to how simplified the offense can be in the pocket. Bagent has a much more urgent dropback than Fields, and has exponentially more patience in a collapsing pocket.

Does that mean Bagent should take over for a healthy Fields? Absolutely not. But Bagent's game against the Raiders shed some light on how a true pocket quarterback would play in the Bears' system.

The Bears coaching staff is trying to shove a round peg in a square hole anytime they tailor a pocket-centric game plan to Fields. Is it time for them to call it quits on him? As Parkins said, consciously putting your quarterback in an unideal situation is the antithesis of coaching. Maybe it's time for Ryan Poles to step in.

It's entirely up to Poles how he wants to run the organization. Do you stand by your coaches and try to find a quarterback who will fit their system? Or, do you chastise the coaches for failing to develop Fields and find a staff that can?

The way things are going for the Bears and the offense right now, they have no room for complacency. Let's see how the rest of this season unfolds. But if there hasn't been a synergetic development between your quarterback and the coaching staff after two years, changes are on the horizon.

And from Fields' perspective, why should he wait around if he's uncomfortable in their system? Food for thought, certainly.

"I want to go somewhere where they use me the way I think I can help a team win, the way I think I can be elite," Kreutz said. "So I think they should stay with Bagent because that's the kind of quarterback they want anyway. Put him in the pocket to make the throws and be efficient running the offense from the pocket."

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