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Russell Wilson speaks on his growing relationship with ex-Bears QB Justin Fields

Wilson says he's "always been a huge Justin fan"

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This summer marks a pivotal spot for former Bears quarterback Justin Fields, who is competing for a starting spot in Pittsburgh against Russell Wilson.

And while he's competing, the fourth-year quarterback is also learning and cultivating a relationship with the nine-time Pro Bowler and 2014 Super Bowl champion.

But Wilson's been a fan of Fields well before their days as current teammates.

"I've always been a huge Justin fan. I've always loved watching his game," Wilson said to Aaron Becker. "We've known each other for a while, actually. Even before we came here, and signed here, we were talking to each other in the offseason before all this and rooting for each other. I've got a lot of respect for his game and who he is as a player and a teammate. It's a great thing to be together. We're just elevating and just trying to be better every day."

As a longtime and successful veteran of the game, Wilson feels it's also incumbent upon him to teach the game to the next generation of quarterbacks.

"I think there's a great obligation in this game for me, personally, to continue to give as much knowledge as I know," Wilson said. "I've been fortunate, in the midst of a lot of games, a lot of big moments and everything else. I love this game. I believe that much is given much is required. You're constantly learning individually but you're also learning by teaching as well."

Both are competing to be under center for the Steelers. But offensive coordinator Aruthur Smith says Wilson is currently in the "pole position" to win the job off the bat. Pole position doesn't mean Wilson's won the job. But the longtime veteran definitely has a head start.

Smith, however, said it's fun for him to craft an offense with two new, different quarterbacks. He'd prefer that over an play-calling job with an established quarterback who was there before him.

“It’s probably easier than if you get a job like this and there’s a guy that’s maybe been here 10 years,” Smith said. “They may have a certain way they’ve done things. . . . We’re all new. And so that’s been fun.”

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