T.J. Edwards

T.J. Edwards hands Peter Skoronski his ‘Welcome to the NFL' moment

The Bears linebacker sent the Titans rookie to the ground with this hit

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Welcome to the NFL, Peter Skoronski.

The Illinois native, now Tennessee Titans guard, was on the wrong end of a T.J. Edwards hit during Saturday's Bears-Titans game. The hit left Skoronski stumbling and looking for his balance.

Check out the video.

Some Bears outsiders prognosticated the team could bring Skoronski to his hometown team in the 2023 NFL draft. The Bears ended up drafting Darnell Wright, instead, to fill the role of right tackle.

Skoronski was drafted to the Titans one selection after Wright went to the Bears. Ryan Poles chose not to delve into the specifics of why the Bears didn't opt for Skoronski. Though, NFL scouts pegged Skoronski's arms undersized for his position.

The Bears signed Edwards during the offseason, who is also an Illinois native. He's spent the last four seasons in Philadelphia.

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