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‘The QB School' breaks down Justin Fields' final preseason tape

J.T. O'Sullivan delves into Fields' performance against the Buffalo Bills in preseason

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It was not an acceptable preseason game for Justin Fields against the Bills, in the eyes of J.T. O'Sullivan, the creator of "The Quarterback School" YouTube channel.

Here's his breakdown of Fields' performance from the Bears' final preseason game.

Again, it came down to decision-making for Fields, or a lack thereof.

O'Sullivan criticized some of the concepts from Luke Getsy. But he also exposed Fields for missing wide-open looks and rushing out of clean pockets. Fields' deep shots were concerningly off the mark, too, to O'Sullivan.

Some of his throws were inaccurate, too fast on one play. From the looks of the video, there is a long way for the third-year quarterback to go this season.

In this game, Fields finished completing 2-of-6 passes for 51 yards. He earned a 65.3 quarterback rating.

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