D'Onta Foreman

Were D'Onta Foreman and Khari Blasingame recreating this fight for a celebration?

This appears to be what the Bears running backs were copying, and it's hilarious

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What were D'Onta Foreman and Khari Blasingame doing for this touchdown celebration?

They appeared to be fake fighting, while flailing their arms at each other, hitting the other in the shoulder pads. What was that about? Check out the celebration video, which the NFL captioned with their confusion, too.

It's a confusing celebration, certainly. What were they trying to emulate?

Could it be this funny-looking fight video? Check out what NBC Sports Chicago's Katy Duffy pins as a possibility for the inspiration behind the running backs' celebration.

This fight video, unknowing of its originality or its purpose, is hilarious. The fighters flip each other around and use a rapid fire style of slapping each other. That seems to be the closest bet to what Foreman and Blasingame were trying to copy.

Hey, whatever works to hype up the team, I'm good with it.

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