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Why Justin Fields, Jordan Love and Deshaun Watson are heading to Europe this weekend

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Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields has a little more than a month until training camp begins, and he’s spending his time by bringing football to an overseas audience.

During this post-practice media availability at Halas Hall on Thursday, Fields said that he is heading to France to host a football camp this weekend.

“This is going to be my first time in Europe,” Fields said.

Fields will not be traveling alone, saying that he will be accompanied by Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love and Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson.

“We’re just going to host a little football camp out there, and I’m just excited to be out there and be able to teach some kids overseas about American football.”

France was not one of the countries offered international marketing rights by the NFL in recent years, but the league has made in-roads on the continent, hosting games in the United Kingdom and Germany.

The Bears were awarded rights to market the team, and the league, in Spain and the UK.

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