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Why PFF left Justin Fields off list of top 25 players under 25

Apparently, it wasn't a typo

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Back in May, Pro Football Focus made a curious decision to leave Bears quarterback Justin Fields off its list of the 25 top players in the league under the age of 25.

Author of the rankings, NFL analyst Trevor Sikkema, joined Leila Rahimi on “Football Night in Chicago” Tuesday to defend himself.

“If this list was about the top 25 most talented players under the age of 25, Justin Fields would be in this list,” Sikkema said. “But when it comes to those top 25 established players under the age of 25, there were a lot of guys to choose from.”

Among them were “already established” players like tight end Kyle Pitts and wide receiver Drake London, who have posted higher PFF grades than Justin Fields has been able to record in his first two years.

“There are players who have already shown they’re even closer to their ceiling in a great way than Fields has as a passer,” Sikkema said.

And there it is.

Passing kept Fields off this glorious list.

“[He] took a little bit of a dip last year when it came to big-time throw percentage, as well as turnover-worthy plays,” Sikkema said. “Big time throws were a little bit down. The turnover-worthy plays were a little bit up.

“Even though the completion percentage was better than it was the year before, on a snap-by-snap and a drop-back by drop-back basis, it just still wasn’t enough to crack this list.”

Sikkema did acknowledge the flimsy offensive line and lack of weapons Fields was working with last year and does believe he has the chops to be a franchise QB.

“There’s promise to believe the best is yet to come from Justin Fields as a passer,” he said.

By then, it will be too late. Fields will be 25 years old before next year’s rankings are released.

A travesty.

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